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TEXAS 2005/6

Houston, we just saw it by night basically. Dined Italien and left first thing in the morning for Galverston. Mr & Mrs Jones likes the "Great Jones Building"

Upon exit, we went to Houston Space Centre, did a bus tour ...huge and amazing !! Carole is spaced out !!

One night in Galverston flew !!! We took the tram, delightful old wooden tram ... went to inland dock, ate seafood, and found a bar ..all recorded on my phone cam (2 megapixels is awsome)

Then we headed out for two nights in Corpus Christie, like 200 miles.

Awsome also, still 80 degrees every day !!!

Our new hotel is the furthest right on this horizon.



Haha, we had two days, so we did that nice diner you see, very art deco ...but ace grub !!!

The aircraft carrier was intown if u wanted to visit.

Historic houses abounded, so nice !!

Haha, we met Dick and Kim ..below, believe me they are cool Texans ... the story will unfold

This is Christopher Columbus Ship. Waddya think ? Nah its a rebuild ... they cant con meeee !!!

Believe me, we went to San Antonio in a most historic hotel, right by the RiverWalk.

My lil m8 was a "live" japanese fighting fish. Such a sweetie, Carole wanted to release it, and flush it into the river ... but i dont think so, do u ?

Teddie was on de bed, rubber duck in de shower, they think im stoopid or else? yer, i'm gettin stoopid


Goodness, look at Dick and Kim ...that was so amazing, and absolutely delightful to visit genuine Texas family.

Thank you, thank you !!

U know where we live when u come to England

haha, this was the dancer on the bar in SA

Happy 2006, thank u Maureen 4 doing all that hard work bookin our trip