Yes we have even built a Wishing Well !

Getting your home altered or extended is probably the largest amount of money most people ever spend, apart from buying your actual home.

Do you wish you could feel confident about your Builder? Do you wish you were getting value for your money? Do you wish to find a Builder who does not require money up front? Do you wish you could find a Builder who really cares about his work?

Your wishes are answered with MFE



Below you will find a few case studies  

A two storey side extension with new garage front. the character of the corbelled brickwork and rendereing was preserved

These are the front and back views

Before and after of a side extension to provide a garage, front porch and new kitchen extension at the rear

Part way through a total reburbishement, new windows still had to be installed

The roof detail was interesting, shown on the right

Before and after a large master bedroom extension with a flying front gable
This old farmhouse had a tin roof which was removed, new rafters were pitched over the old and eyebrow details created over the windows

Left, a sample of a fireplace and open porch

Right, a large roof replacment nears completion

Old stables were demolished to make way for a huge extension. Then the whole patio was installed