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My first home made Hoop

Alan Higgs ... Saturday 27th January 2007

Gosh, this can make 15 hoops .. no wonder multiple hoops are hard to hold up !!

I bought it from Screwfix

50m. Polyethylene Blue PE80 Pipe, 12 bar pressure. BS 6572.


Considering this will make 15 hoops 43" diameter that works out £1.27 each !!

Not a bad start to my hoopmaking.

I wanted a 43" hoop which is 22/7 x 43 circumference = 135.14"

No soft tape so I worked my measure around taping it on temporarily.

I cut with a large hacksaw easily.

Next stop was B & Q for Washing Machine Outlet Union 3/4" x 3/4"

These are 89p, actually disproportionate to the cost of the pipe.

The centre flange on this is larger than the outside diameter of the tube, so using my bench grinder I removed this flange in order that the tube would butt together when connected.

This connector was a very tight fit in the tube but it went together without heating the tube with a hair drier or in boiling water.

To be sure I glued it with PVA

Next was the tape. Not very awe inspiring but I purchased some very cheap tape from EbayUK

10 rolls x 10m each for £2.99 + £1.55 post. From usage on one hoop I estimate these will comfortably do 4 hoops.

So this works out at £1.14 each hoop.

So total cost of a 43" diameter hoop is £3.30

If you used some of that beautiful glitter and/or holographic tape the tape would well exceed the cost of the hoop !!

My first taping was a total disaster. I just took too long a spiral and then had to follow it !! I should have stopped, cleared it and started again.

Oh well, I will know next time !!

But it works well at night.

Tomorrow I'm gonna make one and fill it with sand and try a heavy hoop.