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Holiday in France, end of August beginning of September 2006

Part 1, the social holiday

We started out with 8 and had our leisure time dining out, relaxing by the water and Evaline was seaching for the noisy bright green frogs in the lake. Below we were dining at our local with mine host Stephan, who looked after us well. We communicated by drawing on the table cloth. the food and atmosphere was ace. Haha, the red cheese was the "smelly bum" cheese. We all got the giggles over this.

Part 2 ...working after the womenfolk left

Then the women left and just me and AJ had to do some serious building work. We subdivided the bungalow with an insulated stud wall. With a door and frame, electrics and skirting board.
The work was so stressful we had to go to the jazz club both Friday nights at The Tavern at Montbrun. Pat Giraud was the star piano player but he had a great girl singer first night then a tenor sax/soprano sax/clarinet virtuoso on the second night. Amazing jazz until 2am. I would have never believed one would discover such talent so far out in the sticks. The last pic was taken looking down from the balcony
And of course working so hard built a huge appetite, it was so hard cooking for ourselves. But we did ok with some old Limousin beef and some Seps mushrooms we gathered.
And then we had the building of the diving board, all from oak. Brilliant for fishing and diving ... haha how's that last one !!
Wow, fishing and swimming in the buff was great laid back was that !!! Weather was stunning also. The first fish was mid 20's and the last was the largest fish in the lake .. 31lbs a year ago but now a bit larger.
But to get fish that large they have to be fed. We boiled up wheat and maize and fed them regularly during the holiday. Carting the food around the lake in a large dusbin in AJ's van. What a great holiday !!!