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Holiday in Eilat 2006/7 close window

We stayed at the Lagoona Hotel and it could not be faulted, right in the middle of the hotels by the Lagoon.

First class food, service, gym, table tennis, pool, nightly entertainment and a magnificent night hosted by the hotel on New Years Eve

Below is an ariel view of the hotel I took when para sailing

Day one was the only cold and wet one so we went to the Underwater Observatory, Marine Park on Corel Beach .

Visitors to the Underwater Observatory Marine Park in Eilat can experience the wonders of the Red Sea without having to dip so much as a finger in the water.

The park offers a dazzling array of experiences. There's the Circular Reef Tank, which presents a sample of the rich assortment of species that live around a reef, then there's the Shark Pool, which holds 15 different types of shark.

The Young Turtle Pool nurtures baby hawksbill turtles for release back into the wild, and is the first place in the world which has succeeded in breeding them in captivity. The Underwater Observatory enables visitors to experience the sea at a depth of six metres, while the observatory's yellow submarine - Jacqueline - can dive to a depth of 60 metres, enabling many to enjoy the wonderful silent underwater world of the Gulf of Eilat's deeper coral reefs.

Back on dry land, the Aquarium Room is one of the best in the world and well-equipped with educational information. Add to this the Fossilized Reef, the Dark Room, the Oceanarium and the Special Displays Room and you have a day's worth of fascination for the whole family.

Here are a few pictures, in the picture to the right you can see the staff cleaning the bottom in diving gear.


Nice Mermaids too !


The second night out we went to the Three Monkeys, a briliant band from South Africa.

The Three Monkeys is on the Promenade near the Royal Beach Hotel and is Elait's biggest, busiest, and trendiest spot for drinking and dancing, with live music every night, a duel level indoor area, an outdoor section besides the water, and an international crowd, largely in the 25-to -30 age range (haha .. we messed up the statistics, eh?) It opens every night at 9pm till late.


Then next day we met up with Nick, Judy's brother, on the beach
I could not resist a swim in that crystal clear red sea
This was the view looking at the beach with Jordon in the background
Looking the other way you could see the top of the undersea restaurant
Back at the hotel we played table tennis
Later in the week I won a bottle of champers winning the weekly tournament
We chilled out by the pool a lot which was overlooking the Marina
There were some stunning views in the pool
We walked about quite a bit
Finally stumbling across the Kings City
This was the Kings City at night

Kings City

Kings City is located at the end of Eilat’s promenade, near the Eastern Lagoon. In this magnificent palace, you’ll discover a theme park in the style of the ancient kings offering visitors an amazing trip back in time, including caves, a cruise through King Solomon’s Halls, and a wealth of interactive activities with the most up-to-date technologies.

The huge palace offers adventure, curiosity and fun for all ages, ensuring an unforgettable and unique experience for everyone.

Travel Back in Time
A sensational experience including 3-D and 4-D movies, with moving seats, offers an amazing view of Ancient Egypt and the time of the pharaohs.

Cave of Illusions
An enormous cave containing 65 interactive elements, giant mazes, a room of distortion mirrors, crazy projections, “test yourself” games, devices that create holograms, and much, much more… an unending experience of excitement and surprises!

The Biblical Cave
A 360 meter long cave carved into the rock. An elevator takes visitors 60 meters into the depths of the earth wherethey can wander freely among the displays that tell Biblical stories through sight and sound. After strolling through the mazes, visitors reach the amazing stalactite and stalagmite cave, with waterfalls and deer for an authentic experience.

King Solomon’s Waterfalls
A breathtaking cruise through King Solomon’s Halls. The desing is based on the Biblical story of King Solomon, with many life-like robotic models of humans and animals that illustrate the stories through sight and sound. The trip ends with an enormous heart-stopping water-slide into an artificial lake. The cruise lasts approximately 10 minutes, and is around 680 meters long.

Costing $40M it was quite an experience !!

Your head on a plate illusion
Wierd !!
Even the pisser was pissed as a parrot
Wierd bent stuff by pressing buttons
Biblical characters on the boat ride
Riding around the top on a boat
The moment of coming from top to bottom in a dive, blurred, but awesome
Haha, one can never beat these things

A brilliant afternoon was spent there, Too much to really explain, The 4D cinema was fantastic. Ducks flew over you putting wind in your hair and even when a plague of rats run out they tickled you legs. Water was squirted on you many times when dolphins jumped off the screen. Besides the wars, when arrows stopped in front of your face.

Very educational also about biblical times and the pyramids and all tha shit.

But good fun, I tried twice

Weheee. New Years Eve was here !!

New Years Eve .. what a wonderful night !
Superb dinng room
Our lil friendly sparrow was sleeping, he was in the dining room all week
Yummy food, then the managment sent us champers
The gardens and pool were done up specially
Fantastic lighting !!
We ajourned to the bar
Dancing to a live band. the cabaret video is here
Our favourite waitress
Taken by the barman
Next day we needed fresh air .. so we rented a boat
Driving off to the Dolphin reef
Looking back at the Eilat hotels .. this is the Hilton
Panning right there are more
Hey this one is friendly
More in the sanctuary
Last dinner, Carole getting soup
What yummy food it was
What a fantastic seven nights !! Thanks Alan and Maureen for your compamy

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